About PassCamp

Bulletproof security oriented password manager and the team behind it

From our team, to yours

PassCamp is a game changing cloud based password manager for teams and enterprises

It’s the first and only password manager that was built for teams from day one. Most other password managers were built with the focus on individual user and only had teams functionality added on top of that. With PassCamp, it’s different. From the very first day our focus was easy and efficient password management in teams

To achieve this we have carried out extensive user research and testing sessions and reworked the whole information and interface architecture. That’s why PassCamp is super efficient and easy to use for everyone in your team.

From our team – to yours. 

The story

We have been working and delivering successful web-based projects and solutions for more than 10 years. This means working with clients like Lenovo, Toshiba or Deeper and delivering top level digital solutions. Throughout our work, we were also responsible for handling tons of sensitive information for our client. 

We realized that we needed an efficient and secure way to handle the sensitive information our clients trust with us – especially any sensitive login details that, if mistreated, could cause some serious damage to their business. 

This is why three years ago we came to the conclusion that our team needs a password manager. After trying out all the solutions that the market had to offer, we’ve realized that none of them fit our needs – some of them were too complicated or difficult to use, some of them lacked features that we needed or were built on what we call “fake security” principles. So we decided to create our own password manager. After three years of hard work, after many iterations and rebuilds, we’ve developed PassCamp – the only password manager that emphasizes security and is designed specifically for teams.

Quick onboarding

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Setup your team in 5 minutes

User friendly interface

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Anyone can use it easily

Efficient collaboration

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Secure sharing and history tracking

The philosophy behind PassCamp

 In the world of cyber security every solution faces the age-old dilemma – security vs convenience. More convenience usually means less security and vice-versa. 

Our philosophy always puts the security of our users first. We have focused to make the whole system architecture as secure as possible and each upcoming feature is focused to improve this security. While additional features improve functionality and capabilities of PassCamp, our focus remains uncompromised security for your data. That’s why PassCamp is built on the most advanced and secure technologies. That’s why you will never find any “fake security” measures here.


Secrets trusted


Teams onboarded


New users every month

Our mission

Ever since the day we started our mission was to become the No 1 cloud based password manager for teams. We will not rest until the day we reach this goal.

Ambition drives us forward. We know we have the expertise, the talent and the commitment to become No 1. PassCamp community is growing faster every day. 

Join today and let’s create the perfect tool for your team together!

Become a part of the process

PassCamp is home to an extremely vocal and knowledgeable user community. Ever since we have launched this tool launched publicly, we have based all of our development on user feedback. This means that you can suggest an idea for PassCamp in our ideas page, upvote the features you want to be added first and watch them become reality.

After all, we’ve built this tool for you. 

Secure your team today!