Hold on 2019 — we’re coming! (bonus: Release notes for January 2019)

Hello, Campers!

Hopefully, you’ve had a fun and fulfilling Christmas break spent some quality time with your closest people and pondered about meaning of life over a warm cup of holiday drink. PassCamp team is sending you best wishes for 2019 and offers a piece of honest advice — strap on, this year is going to be wild!

As it often is with startups, this year is coming up to be the biggest one so far for PassCamp! We have some extraordinary plans for 2019 and you should definitely tune in to our Twitter (@PassCamp) and Medium blog (@PassCamp) to get all the latest and spiciest news.

What have we been up to?

The second half of 2018 was dedicated towards building, launching and improving PassCamp for Teams. We can say with confidence that it was a success and hopefully our users will agree. PassCampers have visited 3 big international conferences and received immense support and invaluable feedback from many security and technology experts. Among these was the largest tech conference in the world — Web Summit, that has us provided us with inspiration, ambition, and zeal for years to come.

After checking the waters with the Teams version at Web Summit we had clear priorities on what should we work on next. Even though we’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up and optimizing code to ensure stable performance, we’ve managed to build few new features and do some good planning for the upcoming period. Here’s a quick recap.


  • PassCamp White Paper is now up for grabs! You can download it here
  • Two-factor authentication added to app and extension for improved security


  • Updated links in extension for better navigation to the web app
  • Improved sign up process for Teams version
  • Expanded characters available for Team name
  • Different icons displayed for browser extension, for when you are logged in or logged out
  • Auto-fill improvements
  • Updated password import — now you can check and make changes to the items you’re importing before completing the process


  • Minor iPhone bug
  • Minor visual bugs in the web app
  • Consistency in user avatar colors between extension and web app

In progress:

  • Public roadmap — we receive a lot of questions on what we’re going to develop next, so we are going to add a public roadmap for all the world to see
  • Safari extension — as usual, new releases on Apple platforms take longer than expected
  • Additional loading speed improvements

Coming soon:

  • Platform for suggesting and upvoting user requested features
  • Auto-fill improvements
  • Even more onboarding tips and tricks

And that’s not all, folks! We have some big surprises coming up that will be published in our Twitter (@PassCamp) and blog (@PassCamp) soon. Stay tuned!


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Written by Arvydas Vaitkus, marketing manager at Adeo Web

All images © Robertas Zigmantavičius

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