4 Genius Tips to Master Efficiency at Work

We all know what it feels like to be stuck on an assignment or task for a few days. Just sometimes a few days turn out to be weeks. And that’s when we start googling ‘How to be productive at work?’.

Being efficient at work is nothing more than just a skill we can all acquire.

We’re sure you’ve read plenty of advice as tidy up your desk and motivate yourself with a treat. And it works, temporarily. 

But mastering efficiency at work is more about finding shortcuts, that work in the long run and help you to do more in less time.

4 genius tips that actually work:

Plan your daily tasks

Your memory is the worst place to store daily tasks. Writing them down gives you guidelines for an upcoming day. Plus, you can clearly set the priorities.

Simply find a format that fits you the most – online calendar, a day planner app, or even a paper notebook.

Delegate responsibilities

Unless you are a freelancer (and in some cases – even if you are), you probably collaborate with a team. Remind yourself that you’re not alone – delegate some tasks! 

Take passwords, for example. There’s no need for you to waste your time and manually share clients’ passwords with each team member. Efficient password managers have a feature called multi-tier sharing. You just send the client’s password to a manager, and (s)he passes on passwords to specific team members. 

One task at a time

We are a generation of multitaskers. Yet, when it comes to deep, productive work, multitasking disturbs us, and the quality of results decreases. 

Some people find it helpful to keep a sticky note at the corner of their laptop which reminds them to avoid distractions and work on only one task at a time.

Use automated tools such as an efficient password manager

Try to find shortcuts to the most repetitive daily tasks. You may use a tool, an app, or write a little script to complete tasks faster.

Think about all those messy, lost passwords on every piece of paper around your desk, in notebooks and excel sheets. Save your time and use an efficient password manager. This tool, apart from storing your sensitive data encrypted, automatically fills passwords in websites for you. Use that saved time for more important things in life. 

Only scanning-through this article will give you little to no help. Trying to implement these tips by yourself will do. Choose one tip and try it out this week. 

Also, always look for ways to ease your work – delegate tasks, use automated tools as an efficient password manager, or write a sticky note that would work as a reminder.

For me it worked 100%. At the end of the day, a sticky note reminds me to ask myself “What could I have done faster keeping the same quality?”. The day after, I implement it. And so far, I’ve met all the deadlines on time for the past year. 

Building habits requires time and repetition. But the outcomes of an efficient and productive work day, self-satisfactory or even a promotion at the end of a year are priceless.

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