5 reasons why your team needs a password manager

How much attention do you pay to your passwords security every day? It’s great when your browser memorizes your passwords and you don’t need to login every day to the same account. But what happens when one of your password gets hacked or when your personal or company account is in danger?

Password managers are here to help and here are 5 reasons why your team needs a password manager:

1. Sharing passwords in a secure way.

Every day within our team we share passwords or sensitive information through messaging apps — it’s the fastest way to login to the accounts you need. But that’s not safe, and deep down you know it. When using a password manager, all sensitive information stays with you. You can share passwords within your team using a password manager and only the people you shared passwords with can access them.

2. Protect yours and your company data.

You know that storing passwords on sticky notes, spreadsheets, email drafts or any other online platforms is risky. That’s why password managers are great for your personal information and especially for the passwords of your company accounts. All the passwords stored in a password manager are encrypted and protected by security algorithms and no one else is able to know them, even a technology provider.

3. Managing your team’s accessibility to certain passwords.

When you are an IT admin at your company — you get tired of reminding everyone of passwords and creating accounts again and again and again. Implementing the use of a password manager to your team can save your energy and time. All the passwords your team needs are stored safely in one place. You can share it, you can manage access to specific passwords, you can also easily manage a situation when people leave or change teams.

4. Only one password to remember.

Yup, that’s right. When you manage many client accounts it becomes a nightmare when you need to remember passwords for all of them. Instead you write them down in spreadsheets or save them in browsers (which is really unsafe), and if you get hacked, your client gets hacked too. When using a password manager, you only need to remember one strong password which becomes the key to the chest of your clients’ most valuable information.

5. Find passwords quickly.

You absolutely know that feeling when you can’t find the right password for the account. And if it’s somewhere inside your team, it gets even more complicated to find it. When you use a password manager, all passwords are organized the way you like it, or they can be found through the search field. It definitely saves time and energy.

With cyber security becoming a bigger and bigger issue, password managers are absolutely necessary for teams, just like internal communication, project management, and team management tools.


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Written by Danielė Bičiusė, a communication manager at Adeo Web.

All images © Robertas Zigmantavičius

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