How to organize passwords with Tags

Users today are simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of online accounts owned and the passwords that come with them. Luckily, there is a solution and today we will show you how to organize passwords efficiently with PassCamp.

How many times have you mashed the “Forgot password” button last week? Did you ever stop to think how much time your team wastes resetting passwords every day? Every week? Every month?

Remembering passwords is only a part of the problem. You also have to remember where they are.

Even though it was proven time and time again to be unsafe – a lot of users still keep their passwords on spreadsheets, notebooks, browsers or the good ol’ sticky notes. And while this may seem as a valid solution to some, when it comes time to actually use these passwords in our daily lives (even if you are ignoring the security aspect), it simply doesn’t work as well as it could. And we’re back at the password resetting, except now you also need to update your notebook and team spreadsheet too.

Statistically, the average business user today has 191 passwords. And, surprisingly, that’s still a conservative number. Our analysis shows a large part of team administrators storing more than 1,000, some even upwards of 3,000 passwords. No notebook or spreadsheet will ever be an efficient solution to organize your passwords. But luckily, we have a solution.

PassCamp is a secure and team-oriented password manager that protects your passwords and saves your team tons of time. This tool is created to make your team’s life easier and we continue developing it based on the feedback from our users. One of the most popular requests was a functionality that would help teams deal with hundreds and thousands of passwords. 

So, how to organize passwords in your team? 

Introducing Tags in PassCamp 

You can assign a Tag to any item in your PassCamp account to help you organize, find and use the passwords you have already stored on the platform. What’s more – you can assign multiple Tags to any item for even easier navigation.

Create your own categorization system from the start or simply add new tags with just a few clicks as you go about your daily tasks. 

Tags also act as filters, so you can simply click on a Tag and see all the items assigned to it. This makes finding the item that you’re looking for way easier.

Tags are also included in the search logic, so you can just type the tag name to see all the items assigned.

Are you a fan of folders? Well you’re in luck, as Tags in PassCamp can be nested (stored) inside other Tags just like folders, which allows you to create your own comprehensive system and organize even thousands of passwords easily.

Try out Tags and organize your passwords today!

And if you have more ideas that you think should be added to PassCamp – they are always welcome in our idea page.

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