How to share passwords securely if you work in an agency?

When working with clients and inner team in an agency, password sharing is just another everyday task we all do out of habit.

Yet, are there days when your client asks you “how should I send you my passwords?” and you exhale deeply and reply “email is fine”?

Although many people are familiar with the high risks of storing and sending passwords in plain text, they still keep doing these mistakes, because they just don’t know the secure way.

There’s no more need to risk your clients’ sensitive data and agency’s reputation. Learn how to share passwords securely!

Benefits of sharing passwords securely

Strengthening image as a reliable agency

Agency’s reputation is a crucial element to stay in business and keep growing. Therefore, if your team prioritizes the safety of your clients’ sensitive data and you also have also developed long-term password management strategies inside your team, you are already one step ahead.

Having a backup plan

Sometimes clients don’t pay on time and disappear. Worst case scenario is when they  change all the passwords of your project and disappear then.
Once you know how (spoiler alert: read below), you can have ultimate control over your passwords, being sure they won’t get changed behind your back. 

Strategies how to share passwords securely

With a proper tool, password sharing is easy and worry-free. And the tool is a password manager with specific features – team guest, multi-tier sharing and history log. 

With clients – team guest

To protect your clients’ sensitive data, always use a password manager when sharing passwords with them. This way their data stays encrypted and secured against hackers

To make sharing process even easier, look for a guest feature in password manager! With it you can temporarily add a client to your team and share passwords in a secure environment.

Plus, after the project is over, it’s very easy to remove the guests from your team – they will no longer have access to your passwords, thus, you’ll have your team’s data protected.  

Inside your team – multi-tier sharing

Only managers can work with most important clients in your agency? Sure!
Use multi-tier sharing feature to assign specific passwords only to relevant people in a team. Later, these people can delegate passwords with other team members, let’s say, account executives. 

Bonus tip: the backup plan

Curious to know how to always have absolute control over your passwords? Password manager with history log feature is the answer!

With history log, you can see every single change made to each of your passwords, including their oldest and newest versions. This means, nobody can change, share or use your sensitive data behind your back without you knowing about it. Cool, right?

What other strategies do you use inside your agency on how to share passwords securely? Let us know! 

Besides, if you’re looking for a password manager that would help you implement all these strategies in one place, PassCamp is the one to go. Try out PassCamp, a password manager for teams, today for free!

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