Lithuania – trusted partner in password management solution

Have you ever noticed that PassCamp is based and developed in Lithuania?

Are you curious to know how a small country in Northern Europe became recognized globally as a leading country in cybersecurity? And how it benefits you personally?

We’re here to share with you why Lithuania can be considered a trustworthy partner in password management solution, such as PassCamp. 

So what does “Made with ❤️ in Lithuania, Europe” mean?

Lithuania is among the strongest, leading countries in the world in the cybersecurity field and we are proud to share that PassCamp is being developed here. 

According to the National Cyber Security Index page, Lithuania has been rated as the fifth most advanced country in cybersecurity worldwide. 

Since 2018, the number of cyberattacks with high and medium importance in Lithuania has increased by 41%, therefore, we unconditionally chosen cybersecurity as Lithuania’s number one priority

We took our country’s online security to a new level. Hence, our constant developments in cyberspace are now believed to benefit not only Europe, but the United States and the world as well.

“Cyber security is a top priority for Lithuania. <…>  Today, Lithuania is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field” 

– claimed the Prime Minister of Lithuania during his opening address in ‘Cybertech Forum 2019’

An acknowledged password management solution

To leave the words out and show some real acknowledgement, PassCamp, a password management solution, developed and based in Lithuania, was recognized by Google and Kosciuszko Institute

PassCamp was selected as the key case study in the report “Securing the digital DNA – the three seas region, 2019” for representing the growing cyber security market in the Three Seas Region – Central and Eastern Europe. 

“PassCamp, the first password manager set up to prioritize ultimate security and smooth teamwork at the same time.”

The Kosciuszko Institute

We’re absolutely thrilled that a work in which we put so much effort is being acknowledged worldwide.

If you are interested in reading the report, find it here.

Now what’s the advantage to you?

Since Lithuania is ranked the first globally for fulfilling business needs for Information and Communication Technologies, it is an excellent country for international IT and service operations to run. 

Therefore, as we are dedicated to protecting your data, we designed PassCamp by prioritizing high level security for your sensitive data. And the location we are based in helps us immensely.

In 2018, after adopting a national cybersecurity strategy, Lithuania now has a full focus on constant protection of both public and private sector data. Your sensitive data including

Yet, a country may be small. 

But its beauty comes from the recognized leadership and strength in the field of cyber security

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner in password management solutions? Look no further.

Try out Passcamp, a password manager, developed with love and only the most advanced security technologies here, in Lithuania.

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