PassCamp release notes – January 2020

Hello, PassCampers!

The last quarter of 2019 flew by incredibly fast – as it often happens, when you’re extremely focused on something important and fascinating. In our case, this covered a couple of areas, but our main focus was and still is the mobile app, as well as User Groups. 

We started working on PassCamp iOS and Android mobile apps in September 2019 with one key goal in mind – to launch it by the end of the year. Unfortunately, as it often happens with developing new technology, as we’ve moved along the development process, more challenges came up and even though we have made some great progress, it’s still not live. We sincerely apologize for this and assure you that launching the mobile app remains our number one priority today. The good news is that 

We have also made significant progress on developing User Groups functionality as well (the second most requested feature) – this was and is our priority number two. However, since mobile apps are the feature that most users have requested, it must be completed and released first, so most of our resources are dedicated to this area.


  • Autosave is live on Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. The Safari version has been completed as well, but the review process is taking longer than expected. Find more information about how PassCamp Autosave works in the Autosave Feature page.
  • Setup of additional server and usage alerts to improve performance, uptime and avoid any potential downtimes
  • Setup of additional anonymous usage statistics to improve the performance of PassCamp
  • Added additional notifications to let you know once a new feature is live, without having to leave your PassCamp interface


  • To enhance the speed and reliability of PassCamp service emails we have switched to and set up a new email provider
  • Updated PassCamp website with refreshed design and content, including detalized feature descriptions for better understanding how to get the most value 
  • Updated and improved the browser extension autofill
  • Added additional dialogs to confirm a Guest’s removal – some users provided us with suggestions how the Guest adding/removing process could be improved and this is one of the first steps to improve the experience with Guest feature

Coming soon:

  • Mobile App on iOS and Android
  • Autosave on Safari browser extension
  • User Groups for Teams and Enterprise plans

Special news:

  • PassCamp was selected as one the most promising cybersecurity tools in the Central and Eastern Europe region by the Kosciuszko research  Institute 
  • Mobile app status update – we are continuously testing and fixing details found in both the iOS and Android apps

All the love,
PassCamp team

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