PassCamp release notes – October 2019

Happy autumn, campers!

Another quarter has passed swiftly, and we’re happy to bring you the latest updates from PassCamp workshop. The last release notes included Tags functionality – make sure to check out a short blog article about organizing passwords and introducing this feature too.

Our focus last quarter included a lot of behind the scenes stuff, as well as some critical improvements to make the life of PassCampers easier. Don’t worry, we have some brand new functionalities too.

One of the key aspects was adding, updating and fixing all the tools that team admins need, namely, team member account reset/delete, profile name and email address update and others.

PassCamp team prefers to be ahead of the curve when it comes to being compliant with all the upcoming general regulations, guidelines and protocols. Some of you might now that on 14 September 2019 a new European regulation has been introduced for merchants worldwide. It’s called Strong Customer Authentication and is a part of Payment Services Directive (PSD2). You can read more about it here

We made sure to add all the relevant security and authentication enhancements to our system, so that your payments would be even more secure and reliable than ever before. While we were at it, we took the chance to also add some neat improvements, like free trials without adding a credit card, automated plan upgrades and some other significant improvements to PassCamp payments in general.

Besides everything mentioned here, we are also committed to the Roadmap that we base on the feedback from you, PassCampers. That’s why we made sure to continue work on the most requested additional features. This time this included mass-actions enabled by multi-select functionality. 

This already has and definitely will bring some more rapid improvements to your favorite password management platform. Let’s dive in!


  • Automated plan upgrades. Now you can upgrade your PassCamp plan with just a few clicks and your invoices will be updated accordingly (including any leftover balance).
  • All PassCamp payments now support strong 3D Secure credit card authentication.
  • All free trials can now be enjoyed without adding a credit card.
  • You can now search for tags in extension to display all items assigned to a specific tag easily.
  • Mass-actions are live! Teams can now utilize multi-select to perform mass actions instantly:
    • Share multiple items with contacts or team members;
    • Add a tag to multiple items instantly;
    • Delete multiple items in one go.


  • Improved the payment section. Now all added payment methods can be updated and edited.
  • Team members can now update their profile name.
  • Team members can now update their email address.
  • Team admins can now reset accounts for their team members. Additionally, team members can also reset their own accounts. Please note, that during a reset user’s account is wiped and all items are lost.
  • Updated notifications to include and reflect mass-actions.


  • Extension auto-fill improvements.
  • Fixed contact invite box visualization when title is too long.
  • Fixed situations, when Tags were represented incorrectly in Search.
  • Fixed contact invite box visualisation when title is too long.

Coming soon:

  • User groups – this functionality will complete the full password organization and management package for teams. Organizations will be able to assign their members to various teams and maximize the efficiency for managing their sensitive information.
  • Mobile app. We have made some very significant progress and are super hyped to introduce the much-requested mobile app for Android and iOS in the last quarter of 2019. It’s going to be built on new technologies and we have to make sure it’s as bulletproof as the web app – which means we can’t rush it. After all, the reason we do what we do is because you trust us with your sensitive information. PassCamp team is committed to live up to that trust, every day. But it wouldn’t be fair to keep you in the dark, so here’s a quick sneak peak.

passcamp mobile

All the love,
PassCamp team

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