PassCamp selected by Kosciuszko Institute and Google

PassCamp, the first password manager set up to prioritize ultimate security and smooth teamwork at the same time.

The Kosciuszko Institute

This month PassCamp was selected as one of the key case studies for representing the growing cyber security market in the Three Seas Region – Central and Eastern Europe. 

We are thrilled to have PassCamp published as an example by such industry thought leaders as Google and the Kosciuszko research institute. When actual researchers and security experts present your product as a case study – you know you’re doing something right. 

Cyber security is definitely not an easy industry to work in. At best, if you’re doing everything right, nobody will notice your work. Earning the trust of your users, partners and getting noticed is without doubt an uphill battle. And one simple mistake could cost you everything, even after all the effort that you put in the product.  

That’s why after three years of dedicated work, sleepless nights and persistently avoiding any corner-cutting or compromises on security, the result is incredibly rewarding for our team. 

After interviewing our team and selecting PassCamp, the publishers of report has invited us to visit the event where the report will be published – CyberSec conference in Katowice. It’s one of the largest cyber security events in Central and Eastern Europe.  

Naturally, we packed our things and went on to a road trip towards the old heart of Poland. After getting to know the city we were invited to join the CyberSec Expo. It’s fascinating to see PassCamp be represented amongst the likes of Google, Microsoft and CloudFlare. 

The event smoothly and without a hitch, we’ve met a lot of new connections, partners and hopefully future users of PassCamp. Most importantly, we’ve got a lot of feedback from true industry experts that will help us continue improving PassCamp for you guys!

Interested to check out the report? Find it here

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