PassCamp release notes – July 2019

Hey there, campers!

Boy, do we have some news to tell you! This was probably the busiest time in the journey of PassCamp, but thanks to it your favorite password manager is improving faster than ever.

Over the last few months we have been featured on two well-known platforms: AppSumo and Product Hunt. Thanks to these two fantastic launch campaigns PassCamp has grown and got a bunch of new users, as well as some excellent feedback that helps to us improve PassCamp further, faster than ever before. We will definitely have an article to share our experience on these two launches and the sleepless nights at PassCamp headquarters.

This already has and definitely will bring more rapid improvements to your favorite password management platform. Let’s dive in to what’s new!


  • Added “Find my account” feature to the reworked Login procedure. It will help you find all of your PassCamp accounts associated with a specific email address
  • Form with passwords exported from LastPass can now be directly imported to PassCamp
  • Import process now accepts empty title, username fields and password types (in case you don’t have any input to a specific field it will not stop the item from being imported)
  • Added scroll and item sorting by username in “This website” tab for browser extensions
  • Added Tags! Now you can organize all of your PassCamp items easily. Simply add a tag to the item and it will be assigned to the corresponding place among your other assigned Tags. On top of that, you can add multiple tags to an item and organize the same item in various ways. Fans of folders will be happy to find that tags can nested (tags within tags within tags), just like in folder-based navigation.


  • Fully reworked login process! We’ve received quite a few questions from new users that were confused with the different login versions (PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams), types of their accounts (Team Member, Team Owner, Guest, etc.). The reworked Login process allows users to easily find the version that they’ve signed up for and allows an easier way to switch between Personal and Teams versions. Oh, and PassCamp now remembers your account for you too!
  • Oh, and PassCamp now remembers your account for you too!
  • To make some space for Tags and better organization, as well as easier item/contact navigation, we have completely reworked sidebar. Now navigating your lists is easier than ever before!
  • Brightened up the 404 page with PassCamp-themed illustrations
  • Improved search – now items can be found by searching for corresponding usernames too!
  • Improved and optimized item synchronization
  • Improved and optimized browser extension auto-fill
  • Fully reworked and expanded FAQ resource page. Now you can find answers to General, Accounts, Security, Payments or Feature related questions, as well as common topics that get asked a lot


  • Fixed a rare bug where a password couldn’t be shared to specifically three contacts simultaneously
  • Fixed a minor bug in Admin console where Gift cards and Promo codes would be processed incorrectly and required user to re-login in order to see the added Gift card/Promo code
  • Fixed a visual login bug for users with massive password lists (over 3,000 passwords)
  • Fixed extension button in user menu, to direct users not using Chrome/Safari/Firefox to PassCamp extension page
  • Disabled native browser auto-fill for item create/edit/view password input, when user’s browser would incorrectly auto-fill an item that was being created in PassCamp
  • Fixed a minor bug in password reset process
  • Fix a bug that would display “Upgrade to premium” text in web-app after computer hibernation

Coming soon:

  • User groups – this feature will be oriented to better organize teams with multiple groups – departments, sub-departments, smaller teams within organizations, etc.
  • Multi-select – this feature was requested quite a few times, so we’ve added it to our priority list. It will allow users to perform mass actions with their items, contacts, etc.

Our team is working  extremely hard to improve your experience. We’re working to make sure that each day PassCamp is coming closer to becoming the perfect password manager for you. So if you enjoy a feature – make sure to let us know! And if you see that something could be improved further – we are always happy to hear your thoughts in our user feedback page or at [email protected]. After all, we’re doing all of this for you, PassCampers!

All the love,
PassCamp team

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