Remote team login manager

Working in a remote team is exciting. Managing all team members and their logins efficiently – not so much, if you don’t know how. 

No matter if you are a remote team admin, manager or a member, you must have faced some problems that majority of remote teams around the world deal with constantly. And I’m not talking about finding it difficult to unplug after work!

Cybercrime is becoming the worst problem that any team that owns sensitive data can face. By 2021, damages caused by cyber crimes are predicted to reach 6 trillion dollars every year. This can and should give shivers to everyone working in digital world! Remote teams included.

Working in a remote team comes with struggles in effective communication, organization and, well, yes, cyber security. I’m sure you know what it means to share a password with a client in a plain text via email… and hope for the best (that it won’t get leaked). Or maybe you just shared a client’s password in you Slack group chat, because you didn’t know any other way.

And what about all those lost passwords, changed behind your back, that cannot be tracked?

Well, you’re not alone. We’re here to guide you to a smoother, more efficient and way more secure work of your remote team.

A solution for most of your remote team struggles regarding organized, smooth and secure work is a remote team login manager.

Let’s cover a few aspects of how your remote team can benefit from a password manager. In short, a password manager is a tool which enables secure and easy login and password sharing among your team members. But PassCamp, primarily developed as a tool for teams, benefits the daily work of a remote team even more.  

  1. Multi-tier sharing
    Forget the need to manage everyone on your own. No more manual password sharing with each person in your team – multi-tier sharing lets you share a password with only a few people at once so they can distribute your passwords further. This allows you to delegate and save your precious time.
  2. History log
    How about those passwords that were lost or changed behind your back? Relax, our history log feature, powered by the centralized blockchain technology, lets you track every single change and share of your password, so nobody will be able to change it without you knowing it! Complete control!
  3. Invite guests
    Forget about exchanging passwords with your clients via email or social media chat! There’s a safe way.
    Simply invite a guest to your team, assign the team members that he will be able to collaborate with and share passwords in a hacker-proof environment.

And the best thing is that PassCamp is a safe and reliable remote team login manager, which discreetly protects your data – even we can’t access any your information.

To protect your team’s data, we use the most-advanced security technologies from the high-tech world: top level end-to-end encryption, zero knowledge proof and secure two-factor authentication. These complex terms don’t sound familiar? Well, in short, we keep your sensitive data guarded against hackers 24/7.

Don’t wait for the day when your team loses one more password, it gets changed behind your back, or your and your client’s sensitive data gets exposed by a cyber attack.

Start forming organized, safe and effective work habits in your remote team today! That’s an investment that will pay off for years to come. 

Interested to try out the tool for you? Try out PassCamp for Teams for free – no credit card required upfront.

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