Why secure password management is a must for freelancers?

Hard to keep a constant flow of clients? They disappear without paying you? Cybersecurity is the least known topic (even though you manage at least a few clients’ passwords)?

Sounds familiar? Well, sometimes freelancing is a real challenge even for the “senior” freelancers. 

Knowing some techniques of secure password management is a must for every freelancer because… it just solves so many problems. The ones above included.

Let’s take a look.

Problem #1: Not having constant flow of clients

Probably the most common fear every freelancer faces. Although instability is hard to manage, there are some long-term strategies which help to create that flow. 

Solution: Invest in your reputation

Being seen as a trustworthy specialist in a field is rewarding – word-of-mouth recommendations spread quickly and clients find you by themselves. To achieve this, start investing in your reputation right away. 

Apart from providing only the best work result, make sure to protect your client’s sensitive data. Forget password sharing via excel sheets, emails and social media chats. In case of a data leak or breach, passwords shared in plaintext are usually the reason. 

Instead, implement secure password management techniques – share passwords only via encrypted and secure password manager.

Problem #2: Getting lost among huge amounts of data

Are you storing various client’s data in Trello, Excel, Word sheet or just leave it in emails? Don’t spend another day putting your reputation (and client’s sensitive data) at risk. 

Solution: Try out Tags

Use a password manager to categorize different clients’ and projects’ data by assigning Tags to your secret notes and passwords. This way, none of the data will get lost, you will be able to find a needed password within seconds (rather than scanning through months-old emails).

Problem #3: Difficulties sharing passwords with clients

Do you also feel it’s somehow wrong to share sensitive data via email? You’re absolutely right – it is a dangerous practice that many people still use and which puts their clients’ data at a great risk.

Solution: Share passwords only via encrypted password managers

Secure password management is not only about storing passwords safely, but also about sharing them in a hacker-proof environment. Add a client as a temporary guest to your project’s team or share passwords individually with him. This way you’ll protect his data in a highly secured environment.

Problem #4: Clients disappear without paying

Finally, let’s cover this worst-case scenario. So how can you get prepared in advance so the next time the client disappears without paying, you still win?

Solution: History Log

If a client disappears and tries to change a password to your project, protect yourself in advance with history log. With this secure password management feature you’ll always see every change made to your passwords (old and newest versions included). That means, a client who tries to run away, doesn’t get any of the work you have completed for them. This is an easy outwit.

Freelancing can be challenging. Yet, if you acquire some secure password management knowledge before an actual challenge happens, you’re ready to solve it easily and professionally

Looking for a reliable password manager that would have necessary features for your successful freelancing career? Try out PassCamp – a password manager, designed for ultimate safety and collaboration, for free today.

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