What to look for in a password manager for teams

So, you’ve read all those alarming articles that cover dangers of sharing passwords with clients in plain text and average costs of a single data breach in a company? And you decided that now is the time to take care of your team’s security?

Good start is halfway to success!

However, selecting a password manager among this huge variety of options can become a great struggle. Indeed, how to pick the one that fits all your team’s needs? 

Let us cover what you need to look for when choosing a password manager for teams.

Time saving checklist 

Or 5 things to look for in a password manager for teams

Ensuring safety

Not much extra to say needed. Do some research and if you find a password manager having faced some serious cyber attacks or data leaks in the past, well that is a huge red flag.
If not, then always check the tool’s security page to understand the technologies they use.
Look for: end-to-end encryption, zero knowledge proof, SRP 6A secure authentication and, of course, two-factor authentication.

Secure and easy sharing

Increase your company’s reputation by protecting your teams’ and your clients’ data – always share passwords via reliable password manager for teams. This way all the data you store and send will be encrypted before it even leaves a device. Who wants to pay for clients’ leaked data?
Look for: RSA asymmetric encryption, Multi-tier sharing.

History log

Once and for all, forget the hassle of passwords changed behind your back. With history log, get informed about each new share or change made to your passwords, still being in full control over your digital belongings. 

Look for: History log.

Cloud based solution

Dynamic teams that keep a fast pace at work need a solution that stays up-to-date automatically, without any manual maintenance. By choosing a cloud-based password manager for teams, all your teams’ data is synchronized in real-time and updated instantly (and securely!), on all devices, wherever you go.

Look for: Cloud-based password manager, Transport Layer Encryption.

Temporary members

Not all people you work with are long-term partners? Some work with you just for a project? Then you need an option to add some members as temporary guests to your team. Best part – after having finished the project, you can unshare all the passwords within a click.

Look for: Guest feature

Thoroughly developed features, that solve even the smallest, yet crucial problems teams face, is a must for high team’s efficiency. And choosing a password manager that is designed for team use from day one, after having understood struggles and pains teams face, solves all your password problems.

Still not sure which password manager fits all your team’s needs? Or you have no time for thorough research and comparison? 

Give PassCamp a try – a password manager for teams. It’s designed, developed and perfected for teams. 

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