Why choose password manager with two factor authentication?

Smart technologies make our lives easier. We store our passwords in secure password managers, we access our bank accounts by placing a finger on phone’s sensor, we confirm our identity with our faces.

While password managers are strongly recommended by cyber security professionals, biometric logins, on the other hand, have serious doubts.

So why accessing your password manager only with biometric login is unsafe? And why should you prioritize a password manager with two factor authentication?

Biometrics and security risks

Although biometric logins are praised for their convenience and easiness to use, the risk of using them as your main login source is big. Especially if you use it to access your password manager or a bank account.

  • Easily hacked
    Biometric data can be easily hacked since it is relatively easy to duplicate data, or because it is often stored with lack of proper security. In 2019, biometric data of over 28 million users was leaked as it was stored unencrypted, thus, could have been easily reused. This massive leak included not only fingerprints, but users’ face photos as well.
  • Once hacked, there’s no way to reset it
    The biggest problem with biometric data, is that once it becomes compromised, there’s no way to reset it or undo it. That means, throughout your life, you have 10 fingerprints (not counting your toes), which, if hacked, cannot be restored or changed. And not to mention other unique biometric data as your face, heart rate or voice.

Therefore, biometric logins, being part of your fundamental and irreplaceable identity, can increase the vulnerability of both your privacy and data security.

Two factor authentication – a highly recommended alternative

Contrarily, two factor authentication is an alternative, highly recommended by professionals, as it leaves no room for your data to be accessed or hacked.

When logging in, apart from typing in your username and password, a password manager with two factor authentication will also ask you to input a time-based code from authentication app such as Authy or Google Authenticator. The code changes frequently, so it is not stored anywhere and cannot be reused one more time.

Password managers with two factor authentication secure your data, because even by knowing your Master password, nobody will be able to access your account. Therefore, accounts secured with two factor authentication are less attractive to hackers.

Accordingly, we always encourage to choose a password manager which would provide two factor authentication feature so you data stays safe.

Looking for the one right now? 

Try out PassCamp, a password manager, built and developed for your ultimate security, that also supports two factor authentication.

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