Why cloud based password manager is becoming no. 1?

The rules have changed. 

Nobody wants to do things manually anymore once there is an innovative – highly secure and automated – solution. 

Forget the need of synchronizing your sensitive data among each and every device you use. 

Join the rest and start this year with a cloud based password manager – the one which lets you access your data anytime and anywhere you go.

What is a cloud based password manager? 

Cloud based password manager is a web app, which stores your passwords and notes in a cloud – secure, encrypted and constantly updated.

Main difference from other password managers

More and more teams and personal users are switching to a cloud based solution because it provides a greater convenience than other typical password manager. 

Other, local password managers, usually store your data in your device (a mobile phone, PC) and can cause you a headache if you want to synchronize your data among few frequently used devices

Contrarily, a cloud based password manager ensures that all your data is accessible only to you, the owner, anytime you need it. Data is stored in a cloud server and can be unlocked only with your Master Password.

Reasons behind its popularity

Guessing why people are looking for a cloud based password manager? See for yourself!

  • Access anywhere, anytime
    Cloud based password manager has your data updated and synced instantly. This means, after changing a device or even an operating system (for example, from Windows to Mac) you do not need to copy or change your data because it is automatically synced everywhere you go, where internet connection is available.
  • Security
    All the data that is kept in cloud servers is fully encrypted and unreachable for anyone except you, the owner. PassCamp cloud server does not know anything about your secret data, because all the encryption is done locally, on your device. This means, none of your sensitive data leaves your device and even us cannot access or reveal any of your data. Want to find out more? Check our White Paper (written in human language).
  • Effective risk management
    Nobody wants to pay a price of lost sensitive data (if a device with locally-kept data gets stolen, for example). Cloud serves as an efficient tool to manage risks of your personal or team’s data – it is always backed up and can be restored anytime you need it. 

Ready to explore a new level of convenience and effective management of all your sensitive data? Try out PassCamp – a cloud based password management tool, developed for teams and enterprise.   

Have your data synced and always with you. Anywhere you go.

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