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Overview of PassCamp password solution for your business needs

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Managing passwords in your business

We’ve all been in a situation  when a new employee joins our team and needs the right passwords to start working. Then we remember that the login details are spread around in multiple places. Or that the required credentials haven’t been updated since the last team member left the team. Or even worse – maybe they took the passwords with them? Who has the passwords?

It’s pretty clear that our passwords often do a better job of stopping us, rather than hackers. 

PassCamp helps you manage all of your organization’s passwords in a super efficient and easy way. Each of your team members can generate secure and super strong passwords with one click – no more weak passwords! All of the passwords are then stored and shared in a completely secure, easy to use environment. Blockchain powered history log then ensures that you won’t lose a single password ever again.

What’s even better – with PassCamp business password manager you can add an unlimited number of Guests to your team, meaning that all of your clients and contractors will also be able to store and share their passwords securely. And that’s with no additional costs for you.

Recent trends show, that an average data breach will cost your company $3.86 million and four out of five data breaches involve compromised login credentials. Why risk everything you have built?

The fact is this can be easily avoided by investing in a secure business password manager. Choosing PassCamp will give your team a user-friendly interface, quick onboarding, easy password management and costs saved


€7 / 10 users / month

Store your passwords securely. Connect with your team, clients and contacts. Share your passwords easily. Control your team’s access efficiently. Save your time with user-friendly features.


Pricing based on your requirements

Take control of password management in your oganization. Scale your Enterprise solution as you grow. Adapt PassCamp password solution customized to your security and business needs.

Password management in your business made easy

Take control of your business passwords and enable your team

Secure  storage

Secure storage

Store your sensitive data keep it secure and synchronized among all your team members.
Safe and easy sharing

Safe and easy sharing

Assign permissions and share sensitive information securely with your team, contractors and clients.
Secure cloud

Secure cloud

Save your time by using intuitive interface, auto-detecting and auto-filling your passwords with PassCamp.
Enabling team

Enabling team

Enable your team by assigning user roles, using multi-tier sharing and inviting unlimited guests or clients to your team.
History tracking

History tracking

Centralized blockchain-powered history tracking for every item will make sure you will never lose a password again.
Time saving

Time saving

Save your time by using intuitive interface, auto-detecting and auto-filling your passwords with PassCamp.


7 /10 members /month
  • Admin console
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Multi-tier sharing
  • Easy user recovery
  • Easy user management
  • Secure password generator
  • Synchronized item history log


Pricing based on your needs
  • Everything in Teams plan, plus:
  • On-premise setup
  • Tips and training
  • Priority support
  • Advanced reporting