Securing the digital DNA
– the three seas region
Report by Kosciuszko Institute and Google


PassCamp was selected by Kosciuszko Institute and Google in CEE market report –
“Securing the digital DNA – the three seas region.” 

“If we are thinking about creating cyber products and services as well as crafting decisions, regulations, and standards – the DNA refers to how we should design them by having cybersecurity in mind in the whole life cycle. Cybersecurity should be embedded in our personal and societal digital DNA “by design and by default.
The Kosciuszko institute, 2019 

“81% of hacking-related breach incidents leveraged stolen or weak passwords as a vector of attack. Taking care of one’s password is no mean feat; what to do when the need to send credentials to co-workers from another time zone plays a role? A secure way to relay such sensitive data in remote teams is currently one of the huge challenges.
PassCamp, the first password manager set up to prioritize ultimate security and smooth teamwork at the same time.
– Security DNA report – the three seas region, 2019

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