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Custom solution for enterprise password management.

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Enterprise password management

The threat of a data breach today is real. With over 15 billion records breached last year and a large part of cyber attacks targeted at enterprises, cyber security is a topic that can not be avoided anymore. After all, an average data breach will cost your company $3.86 million.

Even more alarming reports show that as much as 47% of data breaches are caused by employee negligence or human error. The reasons may vary from losing a device to re-using or using weak passwords. Recent report has shown that in 2017, four out of five data breaches involved compromised login credentials.

The fact is this can be avoided by investing in security tools and education. Adapting a user-friendly enterprise password management solution will ensure quick onboarding, easy management and costs saved

Enabling employee education alongside improved, yet easy-to-use password management will improve the information security of your company beyond any centralized network protection tool or company-wide policy. 

Custom-tailored to your needs

We recognize that every organization has different and specific needs for their enterprise password management solution. Some have strict security requirements and can only adapt an on-premise solution, hosted on their own servers. Others need specific features, training sessions or priority support. That’s why PassCamp offers an enterprise password management solution that can be custom-tailored to fit the exact requirements of your company. Let us know what you’re looking for!

Secure storage

Secure storage

Store your sensitive data to keep it secure and accessible wherever you are.
Safe sharing

Safe sharing

Assign permissions and share sensitive information securely. Centralized blockchain-powered history tracking will make sure you will never lose a password again.
Time saving

Time saving

Save your time by using intuitive interface, auto-detecting and auto-filling your passwords with PassCamp.
Enabling team

Enabling team

Enable your team by assigning user roles, using multi-tier sharing and inviting unlimited guests or clients to your team.

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Security you can trust

PassCamp secures your sensitive information with the most advanced security technologies out there. 

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Image showing easy to use password manager for teams

Perfected UX/UI

PassCamp interface was meticulously crafted and tested by certified UX/UI design experts. That means it’s super easy to use, even for non-technical users.

Learning curve

Intuitive design ensures extremely low learning curve and quick onboarding for your team. We have adapted the best UX/UI techniques to cut down onboarding time from days or hours to several minutes.

Image showing history tracking in password management tool

Custom reporting

PassCamp comes with centralized blockchain-powered history tracking for every password or note you create.

Custom reporting, such as event or access tracking can be created based on your needs.


Did you ever think how much time your team spends resetting and typing passwords every day? Every week? Every month? 

PassCamp browser extension auto-fills and auto-detects your passwords. Your team will save tons of time and will never have to type a password again.

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox

Saving the admins

PassCamp will save your admins time and sanity by providing them the tools that will make their a lot life easier.

  • Easy user management
  • User roles
  • One-click password resets
  • Guest Access

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