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The average user today must find a way to handle over 25 passwords (and that’s a very conservative estimate). This is even more gruesome for companies, because most of these passwords protect extremely sensitive commercial information. Especially when you consider that re-used passwords is one of the main causes in user-related data leaks and password strength requirements often force users to include symbols and numbers in their passwords.

Unless you’re a superhuman, remembering such a ridiculous amount of login details is impossible. The next idea is to store them in an actually safe place – so spreadsheets, notebooks and sticky notes are out of the question. Okay, now they’re all securely stored in your home safe. But wait, you actually have to use them. Daily. You actually need them to be accessible all the time. 

How does this even work?

PassCamp comes to your rescue!

Image showing easy to use free password manager

In a few simple steps your sensitive details will be stored in a completely safe environment, protected by the latest encryption and cyber security technologies. Not only that, but you will also be able to access the data anywhere you are (provided there’s internet connection) and auto-fill it in just a few clicks. No more forgotten passwords. No more creative block when you have to think of a new 20-symbol password with capital letters, symbols, digits and hieroglyphs. No more typing and re-typing such passwords either. 

All you have to do to secure your passwords is:

  1. Sign up to PassCamp.
  2. Store all of your passwords to PassCamp web app. You can also import the passwords if you’ve used another password manager before.
  3. Install PassCamp browser extension to unlock even easier usability and auto-fill.
  4. Make sure to remember your PassCamp Master Password. Forget all the others.

Still wondering whether extension is worth it? Here are a couple of reasons to swing your opinion:

  • PassCamp browser extension detects the website you are currently on and suggests passwords from your saved list
  • Full-fledge search that you can use without switching tabs or evening opening the web app
  • One-click auto-fill. Find the password you need, click and watch the magic happen!

Whether you’re looking for a password manager with Google Chrome extension, a Mozilla Firefox extension for a password manager or you’re a hardcore Safari fan– we’ve got you covered! PassCamp password manager extension is available for all of the most popular browsers!

Just find your browser above, click the download button and follow the instructions.

Be more productive and secure!