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What is a password manager and what is it used for?

Password manager is a tool that allows you to safely keep all of your passwords locked down under encryption, meaning that you only have to remember a single master password in order to access all of your login details.

Why do I need one?

Everyone has been in a situation where you just can’t remember a password for that one site that you need to access right now. PassCamp solves this problem – from now on, you only have to remember one password to access your safe storage of passwords.

Why is PassCamp better than other password managers?

Some of the other password managers have great functionality, some of them are oriented towards security, others emphasize sharing or intuitive usability. Most of other password managers were built around personal functionality and had teams functionality attached on top of that. PassCamp has all of these things, including unique features like multi-tier sharing and unlimited guests. What’s more, PassCamp was designed and built around teams from day one, meaning that it’s as efficient and easy to use as they come. Lastly, we continue improving this tool based on community’s (hey – that’s you!) needs. Just let us know what you need!

Do I need to install it to my device?

No,  PassCamp is web app based, so you can access it from your browser without having to download anything to your device. To enable auto-fill and other time saving features, you can also add our browser extension, but that is completely optional and we won’t pressure you. 

PassCamp for Teams

What’s the difference between PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams?

PassCamp Personal is created and perfected for your individual use. PassCamp for Teams is a solution that makes your team more secure and efficient.

Can I try out PassCamp for Teams before paying?

Indeed! You wouldn’t by a car without going for a test drive, would you? With PassCamp for Teams your test drive can take up to 30 days and you won’t be billed for this period.

Do I have to create a new account when switching from Personal to Teams version?

Yes. PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams are two separate systems, so you will need to create a new account for each version.

Can I add a contact from PassCamp Personal to my PassCamp Team account?

Unfortunately, no. In order to improve security, PassCamp for Teams is a closed environment, created just for your team. Only your team admin can add a new contact to your team. The only exception is a Guest (with a PassCamp Personal account), that can your admin can add to your team with set permissions.

How many team members can I add to my PassCamp Teams account?

This depends on your plan. If you are an admin, you can find your current plan at the Billing section in Admin Console.

A new member has joined our team, but our PassCamp Teams account has all the seats taken. What can we do?

You can simply upgrade your plan to one with higher capacity. If you have any trouble finding a way to upgrade, you can always write us and we will get it sorted.

My team requires a custom PassCamp for Teams solution. Who should I contact?

You can simply visit this form and send us an inquiry. We will get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.

My team member forgot his PassCamp for Teams password. What can he do?

If you are an admin, you can simply visit User Management section in the Admin Console and reset your team member’s password with a single click. If you are a team member, well, time to gather up those treats and visit your admin!

How can I transfer all my passwords from PassCamp Personal to PassCamp for Teams?

We have created Import/Export functionality for cases just like this! Simply go to your user settings in PassCamp Personal and click export. A CSV file will be downloaded automatically. Then simply go to your Team account, click Import and select the same CSV file. Don’t forget to permanently delete it after completing the import! Here’s a quick video guide with a clear explanation.

What if my colleague changes a password I have shared with him in PassCamp?

No worries! Every change is tracked in PassCamp and you can find the history log for each password. You can check the item history, find the correct version and update the item!


I forgot my master password. What can I do?

Since PassCamp can not view data that you store in your account (due to zero-knowledge encryption) and your master password is the only key to unlock that storage – if you forget your master password in PassCamp Personal, the only option is to reset the account and start building a new camp. In PassCamp for Teams, the admin can reset your password for you. Got to stay safe!

What is a master password?

Master Password is a master key that unlocks all of your information kept within PassCamp.

Think of it as the only key to your safe that is impossible to replicate. Only you should know your master password and it must be kept safe – even we will not be able to reset the password in case you forget it! Of course, the fact that it’s the only password you have to remember makes it a lot easier. Read more about master passwords here.

Can I have multiple PassCamp accounts?

Of course! You can have separate accounts for Personal and Teams versions, even using the same email address.

My colleague already has a PassCamp Personal account. Does she have to create a new account to use PassCamp for Teams?

Yes, PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams are two different systems, so you have to create a new account for each of them.

I need a break. How do I delete my account?

For PassCamp Personal, you only need to write a short email to us or leave a short note in our feedback form and we will take care of it.

If you are an admin and want to delete your Team account, simply visit the Admin Console.

How can I recover my account?

If you forgot your master password and need to reset your PassCamp Personal account just click “Forgot password” link in PassCamp login screen and follow the instructions to start over.

Note: after account reset all your saved items will be lost.

If you are a PassCamp for Teams user – just contact your admins and they will be able to reset your password with just a few clicks.

If you are an admin and forgot your Master Password, please contact PassCamp support.


Why do I need a contact list?

You can securely share your passwords or secret notes with your contacts with a one simple click.

Can I import my passwords from other platforms?

Yes! You can import your passwords from other password managers by importing them to PassCamp in CSV format. If you need help finding out how to do that, check out our super-quick overview of PassCamp.

How can I enable two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is additional layer of security for your PassCamp account. Essentially, it’s an additional step in you login process. When you’re logging in, PassCamp sends a code to your secondary device, that you have to enter to ensure it’s really you who’s trying to login.

To enable two-factor authentication you have to go to your Profile & Account settings (at the top left of your screen) and click Enable. Important! Next you will see your Recovery Codes – make sure to save them in a safe place, as you will need them if you lose access to your device. Without these codes, you won’t be able to access your PassCamp account in such case. Next, simply scan the prompted QR code with any app that supports TOTP authentication (Google Authenticator, DUO or other). Enter the code you get from the app and that’s it! Once you click Enable the feature will be enabled and your PassCamp account will be secured by an additional layer of security.

Alternatively, you can check out our short video, that we made just for this case.

I have an idea for improvement. Where can I put in my suggestion?

Your feedback is extremely important for us, as we continue development of PassCamp based on your needs. You can submit any suggestions or ideas you have here. You can also upvote the ideas that you think are the most critical and we will make sure to handle them first.


How can I be sure that it is safe?

PassCamp uses top notch security technologies such as zero-knowledge proof and end-to-end encryption, meaning that even in the worst case scenario of a breach, you are the only one who can access your information.

Where can I learn more about the security of PassCamp?

You can read more about all technologies involved to secure your sensitive data in our security page.

You can also do a deeper dive and review the whole security architecture of PassCamp in our White Paper.

What is zero-knowledge proof?

Zero-knowledge proof means that PassCamp does not have access to any of your data and it is only accessible by you. You can read more about zero-knowledge here.


How much does it cost?

Personal Free. You can join and use PassCamp Personal for free forever! If you are a light user you won’t ever have to pay. If you enjoy your experience and decide to unlock full PassCamp capabilites you will be able to upgrade to Premium at any time.

Personal Premium. If you are a heavier user and would prefer to have all your password problems solved once and for all, today – sign up to PassCamp Premium! No limitations, fancy features and much more to come!

Teams. The pricing for your team will depend on the size of your team. Naturally, the bigger you are, the higher the price, but there is also a fun part – you will be paying less for each user as you grow and upgrade the plan.

Enterprise. If you are looking for an enterprise password management solution, the solution will vary based on the company. Due to the customizations required, it is difficult to have fixed cost – contact our sales to discuss this question.

For more detailed information on all the pricing plans, visit our Pricing page.


I found a problem. Where can I report it?

You can find a form where you will be able to submit a support case here.

I want to make the most out of PassCamp. Where can I find some help?

Lucky you – we have a solution just for that! There is a list of short onboarding videos that will help you to make the best use of PassCamp. You can find a quick overview, learn how to generate strong passwords and share them with you contacts securely in just a few minutes.

Where can I provide feedback about PassCamp?

If you encounter any issues or have an idea for improvement, you can submit a support case here.

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