What are the types of accounts in PassCamp?

There are currently two versions of PassCamp – PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams. There are also few account types in each PassCamp version. 


PassCamp Personal

PassCamp Free account – the basic personal account, free forever. Free accounts can store up to 25 passwords, add contacts, share passwords and be added as Guests to Teams.

PassCamp Premium account – the premium version of PassCamp for personal use. Unlimited password storage, unlimited contacts, sharing and more features to come soon.


PassCamp for Teams

Each account type in PassCamp for Teams can store all of their individual passwords and select which ones to share with their colleagues. That said, there are some differences between the account types.

Team Owner – the person who set ups Team account and is able to access and manage Team billing. Can also assign roles to team members. Team ownership can be passed to other Admin.

Team Admin – this team role can be assigned by Team Owner or other Admins. Team Admin is able to access Admin Console, add, remove or suspend users, reset their passwords and assign roles.

Team Member – each new team member added to PassCamp starts out as a Team Member by default. Team Owner and Admins can assign Team Admin role to any member in Admin Console.

Team Guest – PassCamp Personal (Free or Premium) user, added as a Guest to your team. Guests have limited access and permissions (set by Admins) to see people and share passwords in your team. It’s ideal for clients, contractors or other temporary additions to your team.


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