How to add my contacts or team members?

There are currently two versions of PassCamp – PassCamp Personal and PassCamp for Teams. These versions have different ways to add new contacts or team members.


PassCamp Personal

After logging in to your PassCamp Personal (Free or Premium) account you will be able to see your contact list on the left side of the screen.

Simply click the Add Contact or Manage Contacts icon and write down the email address of the contact you want to add.

You can also check out this quick video to see how contacts and sharing work in PassCamp Personal.


PassCamp for Teams

In PassCamp for Teams, your team is connected in a closed environment. To ensure that no accidental over sharing happens, only Team Owner and Team Admins can add new members to your team. To do that, visit Admin Console, User Management tab.

You will be able to choose if you want to add a Team Member or a Guest to your team. Find out more about the types of accounts in PassCamp.


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