How to share passwords in PassCamp?

All the data you store or share in PassCamp is encrypted all the time. That’s why in order to share it with someone, both of you must have your own PassCamp accounts.

In order to share passwords securely in PassCamp, first you have to add the person you want to share them with to your contact list or team. Learn more how to add contacts or team members

Once you have added the person, you can now easily share passwords with them. There are few ways to do that.

  • Click the share icon at the very right of an item in your list. Enter the email address of your contact or team member and choose the permission they will have for this shared item
  • Open the item by clicking it, then scroll down to the bottom of item details and click Add a person. Choose the permissions they will have and click Save.
You can also check out our quick video that shows how adding a contact works in PassCamp Personal and how sharing works in general.


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