PassCamp features

PassCamp password manager features include zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption and other security technologies that help you to safely keep and share sensitive information.

Admin Dashboard

Easily add new team members, manage their access and reset passwords – all with just a few clicks!

Multi-tier Sharing

Control who can view, edit or share your passwords with custom permissions.

Secure Password Generator

Generate truly secure passwords with one click. What’s even better? You don’t have to remember them anymore!

Illustration showing web app password manager

Access it from anywhere

Now you can access PassCamp wherever you are! Store, manage and share your sensitive information securely with the most popular browsers.

Extension integration

Download our extension to your favorite browser for smooth integration with PassCamp. Create, edit and access your secure passwords and notes directly from PassCamp extension.

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox


Enable autofill feature for the ultimate efficiency. Store all your passwords in PassCamp and let it do the rest. 

Secure sharing

Stop sending passwords in paper planes! Share passwords and notes safely with your family, friends and colleagues directly through PassCamp. 

History log

Take control of your sensitive data. With PassCamp history log you can see all the changes you or your contacts made to your passwords or notes.

Security Notifications

Be aware of any and all events that happen in you PassCamp account. Get notifications for password updates, contact invites and shared/unshared items.

Search and filters

Overwhelming amount of passwords? Relax. You can search and filter your passwords based on who shared them with you, their title or date added.

Passwords types

Different types of passwords? Different types to assign. Store your passwords based on whether they are for your sites, apps, WI-FI or…  

Full encryption

PassCamp password manager features AES256 and RSA cryptography tools to ensure security of your information. Zero-knowledge encryption means that none of your data is stored at PassCamp. You are the only one who can unlock and access the data using your Master Password. 

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