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What is PassCamp Password Manager?

Have you ever used the same password to login to multiple accounts? Do you have at least one password as “password” , “123456”, “qwerty” or simply… your pet’s name? 

As 81% of data breaches happen because of weak and simple passwords, building the right password management habits is the key element to protect your personal and people you communicate with data from leak.

And by saying right password management habits we don’t mean remembering all your passwords for social media, email, banking and all other rarely-used accounts! There’s a way to keep your passwords strong and safe without the need to remember them all.

And that way is to start using a password manager. 

Get PassCamp Free

PassCamp free password manager is designed to store and protect your data in a reliable and safe environment. You only need to remember one login - your Master Password - which is used to access all your owned passwords instantly. And yes, it’s free. Forever.

What’s the trick or some hidden extra conditions? There isn’t any.*

In PassCamp Personal Free plan without no need to add your credit card or type in other personal details you will receive these benefits for your ultimate safety online.

Personal Basic


Free forever!

25 Passwords
Secure Sharing
Browser extension
Autofill & Autosave

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Secure environment

All your passwords are stored in a protected and encrypted cloud environment, unbreakable by hackers. How? In PassCamp free password manager your sensitive data is secured with the most advanced cyber security technologies out there.
Keen to know more? Read here.

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Convenient and easy use

Remember all those passwords you used to keep in your notebook? And the days you accidentally left the notebook at home? Forget all that password mess!
Enjoy the perfected experience with PassCamp interface, because creating new strong passwords, storing them in one place and sharing with others has never been easier! Even for non-tech people.

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Connect and share

You have a friend or a family member whom you share access to Netflix? Maybe at work you need to share passwords with an external client and you both know that sharing them in plaintext is not a safe option?
Relax, there’s a secure and easy way to do that! Simply add new contacts to your account and securely share sensitive data with them.

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Bonus round: team’s guest

With your personal account you can be added to one or multiple teams as a guest. That means, you will collaborate only with assigned people in the teams – they will share their chosen passwords with you, and you will share some items with them by assigning desired permissions: view, edit, or share/edit passwords. This means no more confusion in managing personal and work accounts! 

Extension integration

With PassCamp browser extension you can simply forget those hundreds of passwords you own because PassCamp will auto-detect and auto-fill them for you. Simply visit a website and within one click have a worry-free access to your account! Use all that saved time on more important things in life.

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox
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You ask - we deliver

We hear your voice! 

Every change we make in PassCamp is because that’s what our customers asked for. Have some ideas for new features or suggestions for improvement? Go ahead and let your voice be heard at! Vote for already existing suggestions, express your own and see your ideas becoming reality.

Want to check what we’re currently working on and what’s coming next? Visit our roadmap!

Unlock unlimited capabilities

With PassCamp Premium you can unlock new PassCamp features, such as unlimited passwords for your personal account, Tags feature which lets organize your passwords and more! 

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