History Log

What is history log?

Take control of your sensitive data and always be up to date with the latest changes. 

With PassCamp history tracking feature you can see all the changes you or your contacts made to your passwords or notes. 

Each item in your PassCamp account has a history log, tracking every change or share of the item.

Why do you need history log for your items?

Multiple access to one platform

If you and your colleagues (or clients) share credentials for a platform, you can never be 100% sure if and when someone decides to change it. Unless you’re in PassCamp.
History logging keeps you updated when a password is changed and lets you see new and old versions of it.

Staff changes in your company or team

You are the owner of many passwords in your team. If, let’s say, a team member leaves your team, it is impossible to track down what access to your sensitive data that member still has.

There’s no need to imagine worst-case scenarios! With PassCamp you can unshare a password with that person, change a password itself or… simply do nothing – with history log you can track every change of your owned password, without no possibility to lose it.

Distribute passwords to your team

With multi-tier sharing you can efficiently share your owned items with your team’s managers, and they will be able to pass them down the line to other employees. With history log you maintain complete control over your owned items. You can see every new share of an item and every edit made to it.
With PassCamp, there’s no need to manually share passwords with each member of your team. Simply delegate the task to respective managers in your team, while still maintaining full control with history log.

How does it work?

If you are a password owner…

You have complete control over your data. In history tracking log you can see every change and share you or your contacts made to your owned password or note. 

Important – nobody else – neither team admin, nor team owner will see history logs of your privately owned passwords, unless you share the password with them.

If someone shares a password with you…

You can also see all changes of the item that were made after you got permission to view/edit/share it. 

You can be confident that people who you share an item with cannot change a password without you or password owner knowing about it.

Forget all worries about passwords getting lost or changed behind your back. With history log you can freely share passwords, while still keeping ultimate control over your sensitive information.

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