How it works

Secure your passwords. Save your time. Share passwords efficiently.

Illustration showing confused bear in password management

Secure your passwords

Illustration showing web app password manager

Secure online web app

  • Log in from anywhere
  • Generate passwords based on your requirements
  • Store your passwords in a completely secure environment

Save your time

Image showing password manager browser extension

Browser extension

  • Easily access your passwords
  • Auto-suggests passwords for the site you’re on
  • Auto-fill with one click

Share efficiently

Image showing password sharing in password manager

Secure sharing

  • Connect with your team, clients and contacts 
  • Set permissions for each item
  • Share passwords and notes securely
  • Spread passwords efficiently with multi-tier sharing
  • Synchronized updates and edits for every single item

Solve all of your password problems

Become secure in 5,4,3,...

  1. Create a secure Master Password that you won’t forget and sign up to PassCamp
  2. Store your passwords in the web app.
  3. Install browser extension for ultimate time-saving (optional).
  4. Add your team for secure password sharing.
  5. Sit back and relax. Forget all your password worries. Forever. We’ve got you covered.
Image showing easy to use free password manager
Image showing badges in secure password manager

Security you can trust

Your security is at the heart of what we do. The sensitive data you store in PassCamp is secured with the most advanced technologies out there:

  • AES-256 symmetric encryption
  • RSA asymmetric encryption
  • Zero-knowledge proof
  • SRP 6A authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • PBKDF2 algorhitm
  • SHA-256 hashing
  • Centralized blockchain

Never lose a password again

PassCamp history log tracks all the changes you or your contacts made to your passwords and you can always view old versions of your passwords. 

Image showing history tracking in password management tool
Image showing easy to use password manager for teams

Super easy to use

Every step you take, every click you make has been designed, tested, polished and tested again

PassCamp team password manager was designed and thoroughly tested by certified UX/UI experts.  To make this journey as easy as possible for you.

The Game Changer

The first team password manager ever to give you an unlimited number of guests that can be added to your team. 

Invite your clients to create their free PassCamp Personal accounts and add them to your team as guests.

Set permissions on who the guests will be able to collaborate with in your team (e.g. project managers).

Guest is a heavy user of PassCamp? Share one of your Teams licenses and convert the guest to a Premium user, so they can unlock full capabilities of PassCamp.

Your license can then be revoked at any time.

Available in Teams and Enterprise versions.

image showing guest access feature in saas password manager

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