Login Autofill Feature

Simply store your passwords in your PassCamp account and let autofill do the rest.

Is autofill feature built especially for you? Let’s look at this together. Have you ever...

› Stored all your passwords in a notepad and typed them in every time by hand? 

› Re-used the same easy-to-remember passwords for multiple accounts?

› Forgot your password and realised you don’t have it written down somewhere next to you?

› Used the same password with extra 1 symbol or letter (probably at the end)?

If you answered yes to at least one question, you are guaranteed to enjoy an easier and safer life with PassCamp autofill feature.

What is an autofill feature?

Autofill is a feature which automatically inputs your usernames and passwords into website login fields. To illustrate, each time you need to login to your social media account, your login information is filled in automatically – no need to type in credentials yourself.

For autofilling, your login details are taken from data that you securely store in your Passcamp account and are automatically assigned to a webpage you are visiting.

How is it beneficial to you?

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Time saver

Since you have more than one website which requires login, autofill feature makes life easier – you don’t need to manually input your data each and every time you visit a different webpage. A real time saving feature during your productive day at work.

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Secure storage for your passwords

Keeping all your passwords in plain text (in a notepad, Google Sheets, MS Word document, etc.) is dangerous. With PassCamp you can store all your passwords securely without no actual need to remember them all – you simply visit a website and login details – username and password – are auto filled for you.

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Be hacker-proof

In PassCamp you don’t need to worry about creating (and remembering!) strong, hacker-proof passwords – this tool will do it for you. Simply generate a new, very secure password in your account, and the next time you visit a website, it’s autofilled there for you. Go ahead, forget your passwords – PassCamp will remember them for you.

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Convenient access

Ever felt lost among all your passwords? Forget this issue for good! PassCamp extension lets you to click on the website you want to visit and enjoy the maximum efficiency that this tool provides you: it will open the website and will fill in your login info for you.

How to use autofill feature
in PassCamp?

1 Add your passwords to your personal PassCamp account. When adding a new password, enter not the website itself (as www.yourwebsite.com), but an exact URL of a page where you usually login. For example, that’s how URL of the login page might look: www.yourwebsite.com/login.

2 Once you have all your passwords in your account, install browser extension for the most efficient use of a password manager.

3 Disable autofill feature in your currently used browser. PassCamp extension will take care of autofilling your passwords. To improve security, you should also remove the passwords saved in your browser.

4 When opening a browser, in order to use autofill feature, type in your master password in the extension. The master password securely unlocks your passwords, so you can enjoy autofill.

5 Another way to use a browser extension, is to click on a website you would like to visit, and PassCamp tool will open the website and will fill in your credentials – all for your convenience and most efficient work.

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