Password Saver

Password saver feature in PassCamp browser extension helps you to collect all your logins and passwords as you go. Simply click Save when prompted and the login will be directly saved to your PassCamp account.

Why use Password Saver (Autosave)?


No more switching between windows when you need to add a new login to your PassCamp account. Simply go through your regular activities and PassCamp browser extension will prompt you to save new logins directly to your account.

Time saved

When it comes to creating, using and protecting your logins, every click counts. Data shows that today the average is as high as 36 logins per user. If it takes you only 2 minutes to find each password in your notebook, copy it and login – that’s more than an hour gone from your day. If you keep resetting your passwords to access the accounts that you have forgotten your passwords to (which is more often that anyone would care to admit), the number is likely much higher.

That’s why we work to shave-off those valuable seconds and clicks for you every step along the way. And features such as Autofill, Tags and Autosave help us achieve this result.

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Secure storage

All of the logins you choose to Save will be added to your account on secure PassCamp web app. This means they will all be encrypted and protected with the latest security technologies:

AES-256 symmetric encryption RSA asymmetric encryption Zero-knowledge proof SRP 6A authentication 2-factor authentication PBKDF2 algorithm SHA-256 hashing Centralized blockchain

You can read more about each in our White Paper (written in human language!) or in our Security page.

Why do I need it?

Login autosave is a feature on PassCamp browser extension. The extension is supported by all major browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

The role of extension in PassCamp is to expand the functionality of super-secure web app, improve the convenience for our users and make this tool easy to use for anyone.

Password saver in PassCamp does exactly that – saves your time, improves the security of your sensitive data and helps you do it in a convenient way.

How does it work?

1 Login to your account on
PassCamp browser extension.

2 Go through your Internet activities normally, just as you would normally do.

3 Store all your passwords in the secure web app.Once you create a new account or use a new login on a website that you don’t have passwords saved for, you will be prompted with a pop-up to save this new login to your PassCamp account.

4 Click Save. That’s it! Your new login was added to your PassCamp account without the need to actually access the web app.
Note: we recommend you to check whether the new login was added to your account correctly to avoid any issues in the future.

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You ask - we deliver

We continue developing PassCamp based on the feedback from our users. We don’t build the features we think you might need – we build features that you ask us to add in order to improve your PassCamp experience.
Password saver (autosave) was one of the most requested features on our idea page and as such we made sure to prioritize it along with several other most requested features.

Have a new idea how we could improve PassCamp? Let us know!

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