Password storage

Create, store and manage all your passwords in one safe place

Password manager

What is a password manager?

Password manager is a web app designed for your ultimate online security. It generates strong new passwords, stores them in one highly-protected, encrypted and hacker-proof place. This solution lets you to finally forget your passwords – PassCamp will remember and type them automatically for you.

Password manager

Why do you need a password manager?


Are you still keeping count on how many online accounts you have today? All of them require login credentials – social media, email, banking, work or e-shopping accounts. 

Trying to remember them all could drive anyone insane! In PassCamp password manager you will generate strong, unique passwords for each account, store them in one place and forget the need to remember them forever.

Secure sharing

Forget sending vulnerable information to your colleagues or clients via email or social media. Get into a secure habit of protecting your partners and yourself – securely share strongly encrypted passwords in PassCamp password manager.

Ultimate online safety

Reusing the same passwords in multiple accounts or storing passwords in plain text in your notepad is dangerous. By doing so, you highly increase chances of facing a cyber attack and all the consequences that come with it (even Google has made this mistake). Improve the security of your data by letting PassCamp password manager encrypt your passwords and store them in one ultra safe place. 

Image showing badges in secure password manager

What makes PassCamp a secure password manager?

Your security is at the heart of what we do. The sensitive data you store in PassCamp is secured
with the most advanced technologies out there. They ensure that your data is encrypted, unreachable for strangers (and even us!) and entirely hacker-proof.

We protect your data with:

AES-256 symmetric encryption RSA asymmetric encryption Zero-knowledge proof SRP 6A authentication 2-factor authentication PBKDF2 algorithm SHA-256 hashing Centralized blockchain

You can read more about each in our White Paper (written in human language!) or in our Security page.

Ready to enjoy maximum safety and
convenience with PassCamp password manager?

Follow these steps for a smooth onboarding process:

1 Sign up to Passamp. Make sure to create a secure Master Password that you won’t forget. 

2 Generate strong new passwords for all your accounts (ideally).

3 Store all your passwords in the secure web app.

4 Install browser extension for ultimate convenience and time-saving (optional).

5 Add your team, partners and clients for secure password sharing.

Sit back and relax. Forget all your password worries. Forever. We’ve got you covered.

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