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Personal password manager - secure place for your passwords

Plans and pricing

30 days free trial. No credit card required upfront.

Personal Basic


Free forever!

25 Passwords
Secure Sharing
Browser extension
Autofill & Autosave

Personal Premium


per month, billed 12€ annually.

Unlimited passwords
Secure Sharing
Browser extension
Autofill & Autosave

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Why people use PassCamp Personal
password manager?

icon for easy to use password manager

Easy to use

Easily access all of your saved passwords. Autosave and auto-fill them with a single click.

icon for Generate secure passwords
Generate truly secure passwords with one click. Don’t worry – PassCamp will remember them, so you don’t have to.
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Secure sharing

Assign user roles and item-level permissions for easy and secure sharing.

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Efficient Management

Store, organize and manage your passwords effortlessly with Tags, User Groups and mass actions.


Access PassCamp from anywhere

Access PassCamp wherever you are! Save, manage and share your passwords securely with your favorite browsers.

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Advanced Protection

End-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge proof and two-factor authentication protects your sensitive information.

Extension which lets you forget

Download our extension to your favorite browser for smooth integration with PassCamp. Create, edit and access your secure passwords and notes directly from PassCamp extension.

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox
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What makes PassCamp a secure personal password manager?

Your security is at the heart of what we do. The sensitive data you store in PassCamp is secured
with the most advanced technologies out there. They ensure that your data is encrypted, unreachable for strangers (and even us!) and entirely hacker-proof.

We protect your data with:

AES-256 symmetric encryption RSA asymmetric encryption Zero-knowledge proof SRP 6A authentication 2-factor authentication PBKDF2 algorhitm SHA-256 hashing Centralized blockchain

You can read more about each in our White Paper (written in human language!) or in our Security page.

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