Passcamp is built on the most secure technologies.
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Zero-Knowledge encryption

PassCamp was created to protect your sensitive information using one of the most secure technologies available. Zero-Knowledge encryption means that PassCamp knows nothing about your passwords and no one else is capable to know your secret data, except you.

In case of security breach, your passwords cannot be compromised because PassCamp doesn’t have them. Only you have an access to your passwords with your unique passphrase. Only you have a full control of your sensitive information.

Zero-knowledge services are not able to store or give away any of your information, because, well, they have zero-knowledge. As soon as your passwords reach PassCamp cloud, they are encrypted and only you can decrypt them with your personal passphrase.

AES256 and RSA – tools for zero-knowledge encryption implementation

Password sharing is implemented using well-known and standardized asymmetric cryptography schemes using OpenPGP. PassCamp provides key exchange mechanism where users can always validate if they receive legitimate keys, sign and pin them back to the cloud. Everything is protected by user’s private key which is encrypted by the strong passphrase.

AES256 (symmetric) encryption is one of the most secure encryption algorithms, which is public and used for ‘top secret’ documents classification.

RSA (asymmetric) encryption is the most successful asymmetric encryption system which works with two different keys: a public and a private one. Message encrypted by one of those keys can only be decrypted by its counterparts.

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