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Team password manager that will solve all of your password problems.

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The threat is real

The password threat today is real. Cyber security teams are getting smarter, and so are the hackers. With all the available automation tools and new types of attacks, every business has to keep up with the trends or pay the cost of getting hacked. This is much easier for enterprises that have dedicated Information Security teams responsible for repelling the attacks. Small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses usually don’t have the budget to sink millions of dollars to their cyber security tools and training. That is exactly why a large share of cyber criminals are targeting such companies. 

70% of SMBs experienced some form of cyber attack in 2018

Security Magazine

Average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million

Security Today

Password management in small business

One of the root causes for data breaches in small and medium businesses are bad password management habits. Certainly you have seen employees storing passwords in spreadsheets, notebooks or on sticky notes. Perhaps you even had passwords sent to you via email or social media. Even more so, the world’s most popular passwords today still include gems like 123456 and password. No wonder cyber criminals are having a field day hacking into systems protected by weak passwords. 

Team-ready solution

Unlike other password managers, PassCamp was designed and built specifically for teams from day one. Three years ago we needed a team password manager for our own small business and after trying out all the available options we realized that none of them were secure, user friendly and accessible enough. So we decide to create our own – a team password manager that will fit organizations of all types and sizes, with security and efficiency as top priorities.

Quick onboarding

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Setup your team in 5 minutes

User friendly interface

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Anyone can use it easily

Efficient collaboration

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Secure sharing and history tracking

Sign up and secure your team today

No Compromise

PassCamp secures your sensitive information with the most advanced security technologies out there. 

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Access anywhere

PassCamp is a secure cloud based web-app. You can access your sensitive information whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Save your time

Did you ever think how much time your team spends resetting and typing passwords every day? Every week? Every month? 

PassCamp browser extension auto-fills and auto-detects your passwords. Your team will save tons of time and will never have to type a password again.

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox

Save your admin

Save your admins time and sanity by providing them the tools that will make the life easier.

  • Easy user management
  • User roles
  • One-click password resets

Collaborate easily

Stop sending passwords in paper planes! In PassCamp, sharing passwords with your team is easy and secure

Every item created in PassCamp has its own history tracking log, which means you will never lose an important password again.

image showing guest access feature in saas password manager

Game changer

PassCamp is the first and only team password manager that offers your team an unlimited number of guests to be added. You can invite your clientscontractors or partners to share passwords with your team without additional charges.

Invite your guests to create their free PassCamp Personal accounts and add them to your team as guests.

Set permissions on who the guests will be able to collaborate with in your team (e.g. project managers).

If your guest is a heavy user, they can upgrade to Personal Premium and unlock full capabilities of PassCamp.

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